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"Need a broker? One that is reliable and dependable? Call Virgil Elson at 815/756-7702. He has been my broker for 30+ years. A person you would really like."

Geraldine Balcitis
Rockford IL

"Roger and Barb Tuttle of Somonuak, IL have had accounts with Elson Financial since 2002. Virgil has advised us and worked with us to build our retirement accounts and recommended the best health supplement plan for us. We appreciate him always keeping in contact on a regular basis regarding our investments to earn the best returns. We recommend Virgil for all your financial needs."

Roger & Barb Tuttle
Somonauk, IL

"Elson Financial has been building my retirement investments for over 25 years. Virgil Elson is much diversified and has a unique ability to build account values quickly. The companies he represents have high ratings and high returns. Virgil is very professional and on time with investment ideas. His office personnel are well informed and very courteous with no computerized phone lines. Virgil’s whole working business package is just great. "

Randy Van Rheenen
Ottawa IL

"We recommend people to visit Virgil Elson's financial services because Virgil is a man you can trust. He offers a wide range of investment products to fit one's needs. He is a man you can trust because he always puts the customer first. He is there for you. We have found him to be well read on new products, and new laws. And, he will contact you with pertinent information about your investments. He seeks to make the customer's investments as profitable as possible. And, we have never experienced Virgil pressuring any customer. He is always there to answer a question, or to chat. On a side note, Virgil has a fantastic secretary who is organized and has files available at her fingertips for the customers."

Frank & Roberta Oblak
Dekalb, IL

"We have several annuities with Virgil, and he has kept us informed as changes or updates need to be made. We appreciate his expertise in these matters. He has been helpful to us over the years."

Don & Loretta Bell
Chana, IL